A. O. Schifffahrt is a private ship-owning company located in Hamburg, Germany.

A. O. Shipping

The family company was founded in 2003 with the purchase of its first ship, the “SAN PAOLO”, and rests on traditional values: respect, humbleness, discipline, performance, efficiency and trustworthiness. We are a solid ship-owning company and charter our modern ships to first-class companies, for whom we provide a reliable and professional service.

Bulk Carrier

The most important clients in the dry bulk freight market are mining companies, electricity suppliers, energy firms, commodity trading firms. Many of the vessels are chartered to such companies under long term fixed time charter agreements. The length of such time charter agreements vary considerably, usually between a minimum of 3 months and multiple years.


tons of shipping volume per year

Our nine bulk carriers have a deadweight of over 613.000 tons.


miles a year

Our vessels are operating 365 days a year and cover a distance of over 257,142 nautical miles - nearly ten times around the world.


crew members

Engineers, captains, cooks and seamen are always aboard our vessels. In total, there are 225 crew members, around 25 per vessel.

Passion and commitment

Without exception.