A. O. Shipping is a private ship-owning company located in Hamburg, Germany. The family company was founded in 2003 with the purchase of its first ship, the “SAN PAOLO”, and rests on traditional values: respect, humbleness, discipline, performance, efficiency and trustworthiness. We are a solid ship-owning company and charter our modern ships to first-class companies, for whom we provide a reliable and professional service.


In using the newest technologies we are able to ensure that our ships consume less fuel and therefore produce less exhaust emissions than conventional ships. Our “eco-ships” are planned, designed and built in the most eco-friendly and energy efficient manner. We are therefore able to adhere to the strictest standards currently being set in the industry. The maintenance of our entire fleet is held to the highest level of quality, care and attention.


The most important clients in the dry bulk freight market are mining companies, electricity suppliers, energy firms, commodity trading firms. Many of the vessels are chartered to such companies under long term fixed time charter agreements. The length of such time charter agreements vary considerably, usually between a minimum of 3 months and multiple years. 

Die „ULTRA LETIZIA“ im Hafen von Brake (Unterweser) aus der Vogelperspektive

A. O. Shipping — The Company

A. O. Shipping

More than 90 % worldwide, almost 95 % of EU foreign trade and close to 70 % of German import and export trading occurs via the sea. The true task of a ship owner is to create connections between people, countries and continents, in order to further the international trade of goods and improve the quality of life for all involved. It is this mission statement that we stand by and adhere to by providing first-class and reliable ships.


Social responsibility

Every year, A. O. Shipping contributes to charities linked with our employees, our crews, our suppliers and our friends. Thanks to our  worldwide network we are able to reach people directly who may benefit from our support. The main focus of these charities is the educational development of young people.


“To be able to be in contact with our clients and our crews on a daily basis is the best job we could ever have imagined!”

The A. O. Shipping executives
Alexander Oetker & Rembert Clüsener